Recruiting Santa Claus

Recruiting Santa’s for the Christmas season is an incredibly important part of this business. This details some key elements of hiring great Santas for your business. 
Focus on Hiring Great People
Focus on hiring people that you can trust and rely, and it will pay off for both you and your organization. Remember, skills and experience can be learned and gained over time — but trustworthiness and reliability aren’t qualities that can be easily taught.
Seek Passion & Joy
In this type of role, experience isn’t the end all be all, what matters more is the candidate’s genuine passion and enthusiasm for the role.
Key your Network Engaged
Most people probably don’t give a second thought to how the Christmas performers they see around town are hired. The work is always ongoing for someone recruiting for unique roles, and you must find creative ways to widen your talent pool — even in unlikely places outside the office. 
Make a Wishlist, and Stick to It!
Good employees are good employees, it’s as simple as that. By hiring candidates who are reliable, passionate about your mission and eager to grow, you can be confident that your hires will excel and become great employees who will make your organization even stronger. 
Look for reliability and have a fun time recruiting!