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Hire A Santa is one of the only Canadian entertainment company that offers coast-to-coast Santa Services. Trust the experts at Hire A Santa with your Santa training and entertainment placement opportunities. We provide industry-leading support helping to guide our Santa’s on their journey. Along with having access to an extensive knowledge network, we assist our Santa’s in finding the right job opportunities that match their unique talents.

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For our Santa’s we only send you placements and bookings – not leads! Let us handle the heavy lifting for you, you won’t have to spend time worrying about the little things as we will handle all of the administrative costs for you (invoicing, collections and more). As an added benefit we promote all of our Santa’s on Social Media, and through our wide network of PR Contacts at no extra cost. We invite you to register for the North Pole Santa School today.

A message from our North Pole Santa School Instructor

Countless hours go into developing each years Santa School and with the limited number of people attending it can be a much more personal experience that you might get in a bigger event. I’m always thrilled by the number of experienced Santas that attend our schools who are amazed how much they didn’t know and what they have learned. And yet each Santa and Mrs. Claus who attends our schools brings with them their personal experiences and best practices developed over their years of being a Christmas entertainer. Just sitting with them or having the opportunity to share lunch is a unique chance to deepen your own repertoire in so many ways. Although much of our school material is aimed directly at Santa Claus there is a wealth of information that can be used by our Mrs. Claus’ as it can benefit any Christmas Entertainer.

Instructor/Santa Michael

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