A Healthy Santa Diet

Christmas is the one time of year nearly everybody relaxes about what they eat, happily digging into all the turkey, roast potatoes, cheese and everything else that’s on offer. And that’s all well and good, but when you’ve been working hard for the rest of the year to lose weight/tone up/get fitter/all of the above, you don’t want to completely ruin all your progress in the space of one single, festive week. So how can you strike the balance between letting go and enjoying yourself, but not opening the floodgates entirely? Well, read on…

Treat Yourself

santa dietsThe Christmas season can be a difficult one. Everyone letting their hair down, food and drink everywhere in sight. There are endless parties and meals, and drinks with family and friends. What I found best is to set myself boundaries. Try to be as good as you can sticking to your regime where you can, then enjoy what you have planned – but be reasonable. Choose lighter options, or go out for food or drink, not both. At a meal, I would be the designated driver so I wouldn’t have too much food and drink together. But on the big day, I would allow myself to enjoy anything. If you’ve been doing your best, you’re allowed a treat, so enjoy it. Once the day is over, remove anything that’s leftover.

Have Rules

Guilt is a terrible motivator and will only lead to a pattern of bingeing and restricting – be that food or exercise. Instead, make some rules around food that involve things you should have rather than things you shouldn’t. For example, rather than trying to avoid those delicious, warm mince pies – allow yourself to have them (to nourish your soul!), but also make sure you eat a huge plate of vegetables that day accompanied with your choice of protein or even a handful of seeds sprinkled over your breakfast, salad or soups so that you nourish your body and brain.” When it comes to nutrition, viewing food as ‘harmful’ can be incredibly dangerous, particularly when we often believe that a single or even a couple of bad meals are going to impede our health or appearance, which isn’t necessarily the case – our guilt is often based on inaccurate assumptions. T

Make Time for Movement

Dance! Run! Jump! Whatever you do, just move! It’s often easy to fall into reverse with exercise routines when diet goes out the window. However, it’s not only gym-based workouts that burn calories or keep those extra pounds from showing up. Christmas is family time – have some fun with the kids, they’ll keep you on your toes and that will be burning calories. Music will definitely be playing at most gatherings. Grab a spot on the floor and dance like no-one is watching.

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