Hire A Santa Gives Back

Hire A Santa is very excited to start a new program this year with Santa Hank who will provide a very unique charity service called “Lending A Hand To Poverty and Homelessness” we are thrilled to have found a partner whose generosity goes above and beyond our expectations.

Hire A Santa is a strong believer in giving back to the community.

Christmas is a joyous event for most of us, but for many it is a difficult time. Many families and individuals will struggle to put food on their tables, let alone buy gifts for their children. Homeless people are on the streets Christmas Eve instead of with family and friends. I believe we can all help make a difference in their lives, not just at Christmas, but all through the year. We have to begin somewhere so why not start right here in our own community. Who knows, maybe one day poverty will be a thing of the past. There is hope for everyone!

Santa visits will be given priority to those who are in need the most by RSVP. Our Santa can only do one visit a day from December 1-25th.

Our Santa Hank collects for Charity throughout the year for other items such Blankets, Coats, Gloves, Scarves and mostly has a program in place all year round for your “Blue Box” items. A few bottles and cans might seem like pocket change to most of us, but collectively it can make a big difference to the less fortunate. For more information please send us an email at charity @ Hire A Santa.ca

In lieu of payment, please consider having a food drive at your Santa event. Other donations could be gift cards from any major grocery store such as Safeway, Save-On-Foods and or Superstore. For a warm cup of soup, sandwich or coffee outlets such as Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Blends etc…

Your donations will go towards helping families and individuals in our communities during the Christmas season.

Santa Hank is also a proud supporter of the following organizations:

We thank all individuals and corporations who help out during the year.

  • The Harvest Project (North Vancouver)
  • The Lookout Emergency Aid Society (North Vancouver)
  • The Servants of Hope Society (Vancouver)
  • Union Gospel Mission (Vancouver)

We thank all individuals and corporations who help out during the year.