North Pole Santa School

North Pole Santa School

Why attend the North Pole Santa School?

It takes more than a white beard and a red suit to convince children today that this guy isn’t just a guy with a beard in a suit.

Let’s face it – Christmas character portrayal artists are actors. It does take knowledge, practice, and skill to walk the walk, have a great laugh, keep the twinkle in your eyes and know what to say and what not to say!

How do we develop our character?
What do we say when challenged?
How can we support a child who needs a kind word?

Most importantly, how can we spread holiday cheer with the style and grace befitting the best-known character around?

The best Christmas Performers in the world are always learning from their peers.

Eleventh Year!

Vancouver, BC

Attend In Person 
or online!

Be a Better More Engaging More Authentic Performer!

2024 School Topics Include:

Attend In Person in Vancouver

Includes breakfast and lunch.

Venue details will be provided after registration.

Streaming Option

Participate live through online streaming from the comfort of your home. Perfect when travel costs would prevent your attendance.

Apply Here:

NPSS application

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