Ways to Share Christmas Love

We have put together some great ways you can make giving part of your family’s holiday season. Because as the wisest man of all once said, it is better to give than to receive.

As you look over our list, don’t go into overload, just choose the giving to others ideas you like, schedule a weekly giving time— or even just one day for the season, and let the true spirit of the holidays fill your home. Let your children choose one of these easy gifts for kids to make and then secretly surprise someone by leaving the gift at their doorstep.

xmas funRemember Giving Feels Great

This giving and receiving printable is great because your kids get to first focus on giving to others, and then they get to think about what they would like themselves. The giving options includes gifts of services, gifts to make, and gifts to buy.

Help Those In Need

Your children will learn the most about true giving when they give to those who can’t easily give back. Prepare goodie bags for the elderly, the homeless, or for families staying with their children at local hospitals. Include holiday items like sweets, but also practical items like travel-sized toothpaste, mints, and mouthwash.

Use Cards and Tags

Whatever goodies or gifts you decide to hand out as you’re giving to others this year, tag them with love! Our “Christmas Love for You” gift tags make it easy.

Enjoy your Sweets

Buy some disposable coffee cups with lids, a multi-cup carrier, and make some hot chocolate. Deliver it to folks working outside or to anyone else who needs to feel the warmth of the season.

Share the Love

Share the love and the story of Christmas with your children’s friends with our adorable Christmas Story printable. Let your children cut them out and put them and the story printable in a bag. Finish with our “Christmas Love for You” gift tags and add some cookies or candy canes too.

I’d love to hear how you make your holidays about giving to others!